Proud Filipino American Born in Seattle.

Going thru my middle age crisis.  I grew up with role models like Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. 

My role models where the older Filipino family friends that dj’d parties.  In the beginning I started djing just to meet and dance with girls! 

I didn’t care bout how to hook the equipment up and back then I just wanted to look cool.  I laugh at it now because I’ve been thru so much and now that I’m grown and have kids.

I was just going to pass my knowledge on to them.  But, why be so selfish?  Well?!  No more secrets anymore.  Back in the day good dj’s never shared their secrets. 

My experience with djing was weddings, then high school dances, clubs, events, competitions such as Tek Styles, DMC, Bumpershoot, Redbull and several Guitar Center competitions from 2000-2006 and also worked with different artists and bands.  

Now that I’m older through my experiences.  I have influence Seattle’s younger generation of Filipinos dj’s who’s skills that have surpassed mine!  

In creating this site In hope that you will enjoy all the knowledge and information that I will share with you!

My whole purpose of Djing, Mixing  and Turntablism is to elevate music and technology to the masses on a higher level. 

Maybe even bring back the analog sound of records since vinyl is on the upraise again!

My goal is for people to understand that Scratching doesn’t all sound the same!  It takes hard practice!  Hours and hours of practicing. 

I talk to the kids that dj now and say “I practice before all my gigs”.  They gave me a look like I was crazy!  I want beginners to believe anything is possible and to never give up! 

For beginners to have a strong base of the djing art.  Not to be just a button pushing dj.  Quote of Master Jedi Yoda says “If you take the fast and easy way it will lead you to the darkside”.  

I truly dream that everyone I connect with can gain the wisdom and understanding  of the fundamentals and foundations of the djing