Big Ups to Dj Flare and the Flare!


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Big Ups to Dj Flare and the Flare

Welcome once again in the thrilling world of djing, mixing and scratching with high quality in your home live and direct cast of dj swami and my tutorial on “Big Ups to Dj Flare and the Flare!”

I know it been a long time coming to do this tutorial but I was so motivated by the support from Bamboobeats Dj Tecumseh to show love and help out!

Dj Flare in my opinion has contributed greatly in the scratching and turntablist world.

During the late 90’s I was dumbfounded on this sound! The Flare was a must have to Incorporate into the battle scene.

All battle djs had their take on this scratch! In which I have to give great respect and admiration to Flare.

I personally have never met Flare but I know he probably has some dope scratching that probably hasn’t been viral!

Like I said back in the day their were trade secrets in the art of djing. “Why would I show you if your just going to bite?!”

Haha I’m stirring the pot! So If you ask me now.  I will show you what I know to help out.

My point and goal is to help other and be the best they can be! I can’t say I know everything thing but I know I’m passionate about this.

Djing is a way to bring masses together. It’s a culture and force that globally connects us all.

Put down our differences and see what’s the same and not what’s different about everything and everyone.

Bring that dope ish out again!

In conclusion big props and thanks to Dj Flare and all the homies.

Shots Out to all the westcoast djs and scratchers once again I couldn’t do it without all your influences. presents “Bip Ups to Dj Flare and the Flare” supporting djing, mixing and skratching!  #Portablism, #Portablist, #Turntablist, #Turntablism, #Titoskratchtutorials, #Taebreaks, #Blacktigerclan, #BoomBap, #pekpekbreaks, #southendscratcher, #Olddominion, #PrinceAma, #Hydro, #Newyorkcafelasvegas #Capri, #blendinstituelasvegas, #crackedknucklecutters, #swambatabeats, #yokuton, #guitarcenter, #samash, #pt-01, #magneto, #jbl, #yamaha, #shamasha, #NAMMIAM, #westcoastkuyakutters, #pleasedonnotfeedthedjs, #djsRus, #olddebecuts I truly and utterly am greatly appreciated of everyone’s support!  Subscribe like and once again “Make it Great!”  I couldn’t do any of this without you.  Welcome to the family! Celebrate!

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