Chirp Scratch Tutorial

Chirp Scratch

Today I will be teaching basic dj scratching!  The name of this scratch is “chirp scratch”. DJ Q-Bert mentioned that the chirp was invented by DJ Jazzy Jeff but I think it’s probably older than of what he says.

The chirp scratch starts with the fader open and by clicking or cutting the sample in half while moving the record forward completing the sound then.

While pulling the record back to the original position cutting the sound in half again in reverse.  As a two count.  One, two, one, two, one, two.

We are using a SuperSeal skipless record and a ahh for the sample.  Then applying a D-Styles App looper for the beat.

In this video we have 4 year old Angelo my youngest son demonstrating how to chirp scratch without the beat.

Second part of video turtorial we will have me demonstrating the chirp with a beat and with three different speeds and with one or two reverse drags for flavor.

We definitely enjoyed and had fun making this family scratch tutorial and will be hoping to see your comments and likes!  Make it great!  Make it great!

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