Dj Dyce Skratch Lounge

  1. Long time Battle Rival and Best Buddy

Long time dj homie from my 1st battle days!  Big ups to DJ Dyce!   In the beginning of my dj life  we met with thru the dj battle scene.

Our first entered Dj battle had to be tech styles battle.  Wish I had a flyer but around  1993.  Dj Ace, Dj DV One and E-Rok.  I would have more to say about these djs but they are not in it anymore and haven’t been for a long time now which personally upsets me.

Days of hanging with Dj Dyce watching old vhs DMC/ITF tapes and many practice sessions has engraved positive influenced wisdom.

This is what keeps me going and who I am today.  I will never forget what Dj Babu says it plainly when I first got to meet him and Rhettmatic.

I asked him what do you think bout the djs who want to quit and don’t want to do it anymore?!  “If they want to quit?   Babu says “Maybe they shouldn’t of been doing it in the first place?!”

Over the years many times I’ve wanted to quit!  Sell all my stuff!  Scratching doesn’t get me anywhere!  Stupid club djs make more than skratch  djs!

Yes!  A very bad time and life with it’s ups and downs!  Til this day I don’t understand why turntablist get a bad rep from party mix djs that hate on us and give us a bad name?!

“Oh!  Those djs just scratch!”  Like we don’t know how to do anything else with djing.  Or the “You think your better than me attitude?!” This bad attitude of djing has gone along far enough!

Personal I learned how to mix first!  Took me 6 months to learn how to catch the one and blend.  “Everyone looks at differences more than similarities.”  Tecumseh and I had this question  whenever we review other djs.

Tecumseh says “Ok!  I thought he has a good dj!  But can he scratch?!”  I Had to think bout it with a pause because he caught me off guard with the that question.

“Hell no!  It takes skill to be a turntablist!  I replied.  Must be all around and know your stuff and be knowledgeable on the history and why the hell we are here today!

Who knows now what these kids are into?!  Quickies and no forplay!”  Never a champion if you never lost in your life!  Conservatives say to me “You’ll be still djing til your old?!”

I tell em “That’s like telling a guitarist or pianist to stop playing music!”  I dislike people who tell me I can’t!  I can do whatever the f%@& I want!

Whatever makes me happy!  It’s like telling someone to stop breathing ok…. Your old!  You are the only one who can change yourself…

You can not control anyone not even your kids!  You can guide and be there for them the best you can.  “Everyone looking at the differences and never the similarities.”

Almost 50 and understanding change will always starts with yourself first!  So before you go around saying you don’t like that dj he’s wack!  First check yourself maybe there is something wrong with you!

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