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3 Click Transform Skratch


Thanks Once again for checking out and supporting this site. This is just a recap on my review of the three click transform scratch by DJ Melo-D! I apologize again that I haven’t been posting or blogging lately.

Just like life has its up and downs and just like in djing It has its forwards and backs. I was in shock when I woke up in the morning and found out my phone just crapped out just trying to charge it! How can I function?! So depended on my phone just to reach out to all of you.

So hope you understand the struggles I go through but today is especially great because reviewing Melo-D’s tutorial helped me realize what a detrimental scratch this is.

Yes for experts this the 3 Click Transform can be so simple and easy but as I’ve learned keeping your clicks clean and precise can be difficult! Skratching takes lots of rhythms and timing to make it flow.

Trying to sit in the pocket musically with skratching is such a hard task. The great thing about learning the 3 Click Transform helps combine with other skratch techniques like orbits and stabs.

Hopefully I haven’t been gone away too long to lose the interests of all of you I deeply apologize! Main point to this skratch is to be precise and clean.

Definitely have to have the fader closed on the reverse when performing. My second point is this skratch helps combine with other skratch techniques that you may like to incorporate with.

If you like my review please leave your comments and likes!  I greatly appreciate it! And also let me know if I left anything out that needed to be discussed I would love to hear your input! Once again thanks for all those who support! Make it great! Make it great!

3 Click Transform by Dj Swami

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