Dj Shortkut Club Mix

Party Rockin with Dj Shortkut


Last night at Seattle’s capital hill Grims Restaurant and bar Dj Shortkut put on a great show full of variety and color which never ceases to amaze me.

Please note we are attending a 21 and over venue so viewers discretion is deeply advised!

His mixing is legendary.  As we climbed up the ladder to a small cramped balcony where the Dj booth was located.  We are then greeted with handshake pounds and bright smiles.

“Here we are at the woods!”  Over looking the crowd I get a feeling like it feeding time.  Club goers have to understand its actually a privilege and honor to be blessed by Shortkut’s sound.  Short is the epitome combo of club Dj/Turntablist and much much more.

During the start of Shortkut laptop transition they ran into technical issues and at some point there was dead air which we received eww’s and aww’s.

Notice as dead air is not as serious as it was before?!  “Now you can just blame it on the computer!”  I think people would react the same way if all the internet and all the computers in the world went down bwhahaha!

Back in the day dj’s got on the mic to explain such issues and would quickly throw in a “save me record” to gain back the disgruntled club folk.

I know I’m going to repeat that saying again “We’re getting old bro!”  But there’s so much advantages of being around for awhile.

The ability to rock old with the new.  Perfect example was when Short played Diana Ross “I’m coming out” with Puff Daddy “ Mo money Mo problems”

This is why I say it’s a honor and privilege to be blessed by those great ones that are still grinding and working it.

Close as we are and both turntablist.  I love picking his brain and I’m surprised I inspire him too?!

As we had early morning pizza at Sizzle Pie after the club and hanging with friends playing street fighter 2.  I told him how I liked the different genres he threw in.

Combination of radio hip hop pop followed by r&b lovers tracks then reggae dub play hits with its heavy bass.

What it really comes down to at the club is if the females are dancing then you’ve done “Yo yob bro”.  Which he succeeded.

A lot went down last night.  Lots of booty shaking, champagne drinking, live mixing!  A fight afterwards!  It was crackin at capital hill!

You probably saying “What?!  A fight?”  Yeah!  And I almost caught one of the guy’s that was fighting but he got away!

This is the crazy part!   Shortkut was right behind me running down the street with dj backpack gear on and everything!  Big ups to short having my back but I seriously didn’t want him to get hurt.

I know I didn’t have to do anything but the guy fighting ran straight towards us!  There was another squad car cutting off the guy at the end of the street so hopefully they caught him but we didn’t hang out long enough to see if they did?

All the excitement and chasing assholes we still haven’t got to the end of this story!  We get to the hotel and we’re chillin parked infront the passenger load and unload.

Then we start talking about scratching!  It’s 3 or 4 in the morning.  We start watching YouTube videos on his phone and begin getting inspired.  Like I said picking his brain on the stab and cut.

We talk about the old school Numark 1150 and how everyone in our era started cutting on the up and down clicker switch.  Which is why qbert, mike and short are dope hamsters.

The subject of transforming and signature scratches comes up.  We discuss basic vs fastness and speed.  Plain and bland vs sick and funky.  Wish I can explain all the details it was very informational.

Another night of djing, mixing and scratching in the books!  Another unforgettable night!  Please comment like or subscribe once again make it great!  Make it great!

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