Folk Life Kids Day! NW Portablist and Skratch Pinoyz

Folk Life Seattle Center

NW Portablist and Skratch Pinoyz

kids day!

Another cold and rainy day.  Nothing new in the weather for Seattle.

A great day for hip-hop and dj scratching for the kids!  It’s all about giving back to the youth which is why I also brought my kids out with me.

Northwest Portablist DJ members include Dj Dilemma, Dj FlipD’Skript, Dj Justin Joints and Dj JFlex.

These guys are like family!  I’ve known most of these guys for a long time especially Dj FlipD’Skript aka Patrick and Dj JFlex aka Jason.

I think out of the whole crew Dj JFlex and Justin have few battle experiences.

Dj FlipD’Skript aka Patrick and Dj Dillema aka Warren has none.  So I’m not going to be too critical on their routine but I did tell them that they did a great job!

But… As professional as I am I cannot not critique their five hour practice routine.

Personally I thought the intro was too long and of course they are the NW Portablist so I think everybody gets that.   But the “NW Portablist let’s go!” Jingle was in almost every transition?!

I didn’t even get the biggie “hypnotized” part and what they were trying to do?!  I’m not talking bad about these guys their my family.

Believe me!  I fully understand and know they know how to cypher and q&a very very well.

But to me I just wasn’t feeling the MC Breed and Dillema’s back spinning?!

The best part I loved the most was the kids all lined up to get a hands on demonstration of scratching.

It was my pleasure to show the kids how to pick up a needle and where to position their little hands.

I personally would teach how to mix first before scratching but times have changed.

I know it’s all good and fun with the kids but what I really wish was is that NW Portablist brothers should of kept it simple.

Maybe more like a band.  I thought that even the cypher part order was wrong since Dillema’s scratching is not that strong so he shouldn’t have opened up.

Justin was on point and clean with his combos.  JFlex I thought could’ve done better because he’s fader hand clicks weren’t coming out.

Dj FlipD’Skript Patrick did ok but I’m not going for that cheat transformer fader deal! You can’t trick me!  The kids will go for it but I won’t!

Rather hear real orbits “I’m just saying.” Dj Fast Track messed up on the sample part which failed in the transition.

But for team work?  Yes!  Guys did an awesome job!

In conclusion I had so much fun with the kids and teaching.

With the homies the NW Portablist I feel with more practice and keeping it simple maybe the trick for them to get better?!

Like I said I wish it was more of a band style of djing so the kids and people would get it.

Remember I said not all of NW Portablist members have battle experience which doesn’t contain a high level of expertise.

Intermediate scratching at best which is why I love and support them. In that way they can only get better!

Let me know what you think about NW Portablist and their performance and what are your thoughts and opinions? Please leave a comments and subscribe!


  1. This is the first time am visiting your blog and i can tell you i found so so many tips all in one page to the extent that i bookmarked so that i can check on it later. I have wanted to learn about dj mixing for a long time and am happy i found useful tips on your blog.I actually read every single word in order to be sure of what i was reading. Thanks for this lovely article

    1. Djing has been a passion I have for many years I never thought to share knowledge about it til now?!  Regret not doing this for earlier in my life but the saying goes “better late than never”

  2. It is really great to know that kids are carried along even with something like disc jockeying. It goes to show that the human culture would go a long way to preserve itself, I give big kudos to the good people of Seattle for this act. And I would also like to know if these kids would be given the opportunity to learn one or two things about disk jockeying.

    1. I have plenty of experience and love teaching and caring for the youth.  They need role models and to easily connect to them with sound and music.

  3. Hi DJ Swami,

    I’ve gone through you site. I like the layout and the background colour. 

    However, the top article I would like to comment on did not show any words when I clicked on it on the homepage. It showed the excerpt and Read More on the home page, but when I clicked on the Read More, it just took me to a blank page. You may wanna have a look at that and get it sorted.

    I checked your order post in which you intervied Dj Tre. Good description. 

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey DJ Swami, Great site, Great job. I don’t know anything about DJing but it looks to me like once I stick with you and your website I will be a transformed person in relation to DJing. I admire your passion for the art form and your desire to pass on your knowledge and experience to the masses. One thing though, I ran the video with what seems to be the guys scratch mixing but there was no sound. I don’t think it’s my system because I was able to activate the read out loud function and was able to hear the written information you have on your site. I think this platform is great for any aspiring DJ to tune in on. Keep up the good work.

    1. Please let me know what specific video that did not play?!  Very good input and a great thanks to your support!  I greatly appreciate it!

  5. This new portablist scratch pinoyz is one that could be good for every child or children folk days. Though due to maybe internet issues I was unable to view everything about the folk life kids day new portablist scratch pinoyz article which you wrote. Though from the little I grab there, I think it’s a must buy for every child.

  6. It’s always a delight to see kids have fun whilst learning. This is a very good way to encourage them to look into their inner self and find their passion and follow it. I wish I had these kind of opportunities when I was growing up. It’s great to see programs made to something to expose them to things like this. They are a very lucky generation. 

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