Guess Who?!

It was an epic Seattle scratch session with world-famous five time DMC Champion DJ Vekked! It was such an honor and a privilege to meet personally with him.

Again I like to make special thanks out to Dj Dilemma for hosting. I only found out he was in town on the 16th.

To my surprise I receive a text message from DJ Justin joints the following day and was invited to Warren’s place aka DJ Dilemma for a scratch session with the champ!

I was ecstatic! I get to hang out with the best in the biz! Woohoo I’m a nerd and I’m proud of it!

To critique the champions scratch style I thought he had excellent hand movement and expert fader control. I was impressed by his Uzzi cutting using the entire sample sound and hand control on the record.

Advance flares with some awesome Tasers! Like I said “Not the champ for nothing?!” On a personal level he is a down to earth guy with a humorous character.

I really felt comfortable around him. My interview with him I found he started Djing around 2004 so he has been in the game for about 14 years now.

As shown in the video I guess my question on asking him who his favorite dj to him was? And to

him it was too broad of a question.

Beginner journalist at best. I know I suck! I also found out he has a Djing school in Canada which I definitely got to go check out! “Table Tutors.”

We questions about the fretless fader and his equipment he uses and about his Denon guitar and when he used it.

He showed us his swag afterward that was a real treat to cope his merchandise also included in the video!

I was even surprised when he was explaining he used certain features in scratch live during his 2013 battle routines.

During that time he used Adobe and other programs in utilizing his set, and yet again it was just the tip of knowledge and understanding of this great genius.

This is one for the books we had such a great time! Thanks again to all the Djs that attended! If you liked this video please add your comments and email below have a great day!

Epic Seattle Scratch Session!

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