Guilty I didn’t practice today!


Don’t you get days when you feel guilty you didn’t scratch?  Again I’m going through my mid life crisis again!

How do I get motivated? I’ve been scratching over 20 years now and for the last 10 years I feel like I’ve fallen off!

I need to use the law of reversal and to turn my bad habits into good.  I want to surround myself with positive people and DJs that contribute and support to this beautiful art.

So I called an old friend DJ Tecumseh.   Anytime I need advice this is the guy I go running to.   With Tecumseh He helped give me new ideas and break down on some advance skills that got me scratching my head than the record.

Surprisingly the 16years that I’ve been gone from Seattle living in Las Vegas fate has brought me back home to raise my children in a better environment and better cultural community.

Got enough fresh air now to think and to tell you all about my story.  Last battle entered left a sour taste in my mouth.  Seattle scratch battle at SL and lost 1st round.

I know it’s been awhile since my last battle 2014 Las Vegas DMC which I lost in the 1st round also because of the routine I made up in just a couple of days!

Less or no time when you have children.   You know?!  What do you expect if you didn’t practice or make a routine the year or two before you wouldn’t of put yourself in that position but foolishly I do!

You never really have anything to lose though and all I wanted was to support and show my face in the community.  A side of me took my loses very hard.

I was so distraught!  To the point I messaged DJ Shortkut for advice.  Shortkut and I have been good friends for about 20yrs now so his advice was very helpful and straight to the point on the judges point of view.

Key points I remembered on Shortkut’s mentoring was number 1 always be confident!  Which I lacked since I wasn’t prepared.

Number 2 show professionalism when making mistakes!  When making mistakes try to play it off and don’t show it to be too obvious!

During the SL battle my record was skipping everywhere it was horrible and I couldn’t play it off very well!

Number 3 keep it simple!  So true on this one because nowadays it can be too technical and repetitious, repetition, repeats like a broken record.  If you do this you are a dj no doubt!

Plus, unless you learned basic scratches before the technical ones then you just do prisms or autobahns and your a good robot.

To all honesty battles are popularity contest!  It never should matter if you win or lose.  It’s all about what you do after the battle and what you do to help the art and community.

The loses make you feel like an idiot and want to quit but look at it now and be glad you lost because how would you ever get better if you didn’t take a lose?

Remember I’m middle aged and limbs get painful ouch!  Out of my loses I studied newer scratches and got them down which builds self esteem and you feel good about yourself so next time your prepared!

Picking yourself up when your down is what a champion really is.  When I started battles.   Body tricks and showmanship were very prevalent and orbits and crabs scratches was the new standard of advance scratching.

What’s really funny is I feel so old the beginning of djing there wasn’t even a name for scratches yet.  Chirps we called it the wiki wiki and baby scratch was thought as just queing for mixing.

Even transform scratch was new.  I grew up scratching on fab five freddy,  isallnafish “it’s time.”  No battle breaks or skippless records yet.

If your a new at Mixing, Scratching and Djing don’t be discouraged!  Have fun!  Make practicing fun!  Get together with other djs and experienced turntablist, portablist!

Always be open and try new things.  Broaden yourself musically.  How to be a better scratch dj simply is practice!  Don’t practice you never see results!

For beginners I want you to be positive!  Set goals for yourself and know anything is possible!

Most times it’s hard to do anything alone.  Everyone needs help and hopefully my experience will help you.

The most important thing to being a better turntablist is to practice more on ones timing and rhythms.  Suggested mixing should come first and for most!  I think that the a major problem with beginners scratchers is there lack of mixing.

Learning beat matching to different genres is not the problem it is not knowing how to mix live on the spot on any set up with just the knowledge of music selection you know.

Yes!  There are easy sync functions that can help you but it still defeats the purpose changing speeds making the singers or artists voice sound fast like the chipmunks or too slow like Barry White?!

Be the best scratcher you can be now!  I hope you gained a better understanding of how to get over not practicing.  I covered advice from the real pros and close family friends that are very knowledgeable and helpful to my achievements.

There is also a link below of online courses that can greatly benefit other aspects of djing and turntablism make sure to check that out!

Remember to leave your comments below and let me know what you think!  Make it great!  Make it great!

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