Interview with Dj Tre

Dj Tre close friend and homie.  In this short interview with Dj Tre we talk about are past and the countless competitions, events 

and parties we’ve attended thru djing.  Since I’ve been living in Las Vegas for the past 17yrs much has happened over the 

years gone from home.  Dj Tre has been djing on the Radio and I’m so proud and greatful for this man and all he does for 

the music industry.  Somethings has never changed is Tre’s humbleness and kindness.  Tre’s countless SoundCloud mixes 

has put him on the map.  But still the unforgettable days we talked about during the vinyl competitions one main point 

reminder was how we couldn’t make a single mistake or skip during the competition or you were out the whole season.  

The level of error was always high back in those days and even during live stage performances with hip hop group “Boom 

Bap Project” where sometimes mistakes happened.  I will never forget the car show we performed at where the stage 

shook with a simple baby scratch because the soundman’s levels were so high and peaked out!  We had sound check on 

the spot?!  And catastrophe the whole way thru our team routine.  We had at least 2,000 people staring up at us in the 

beginning but after the 5 or 4th redo we dug ourselves a hole and lost the crowd and they all had left all because of the 

countless needle skipping.  I will never forget looking at Tre during our performance because how bad the skips were.  All 

he could do was giggle and laugh and say we’re “digging ourselves a hole!”  By him laughing it off it releaved all my stress 

and I started to crack up too.  Then towards the end we still tried to save ourselves thru performing our individual routines.  

Nowadays its too automated and easy digital with less room for error.  I am so glad for those experiences til today because 

we had it harder.   So to know how to play off mistakes and skips and to just push on thru, shows professionalism and skill 

that none of the djs have anymore.  So glad to run into Dj Tre during the Wedding Convention long life time friend and dj 

homie both of us representing “Black Tiger Clan”.  Dj Tre “Better than your rest!”.  If you have any reply’s or comments 

about us please subscribe to my channel and leave comments below!

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