Joe Cooley Skratch

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Joe Cooley Skratch!

The Joe Cooley scratch made by Dj Joe Cooley! This scratch brings back memories for me of when I first started.

My first scratch patterns I ever learned were chirps and Joe Cooley scratches.

I didn’t learn from videos. Not from ITF or DMC competition footage.

Nobody actually showed me! The Joe Cooley to me was a scratch that I had to acquire.

I had to know and understand how he made those cool sounds?!

I learned this scratch all by ear and listening to the Rodney O Joe Cooley “Me and Joe” album “Super cuts” and “Nobody disses me” were my favorites songs!

This is the era of scratching when many DJs used the line in/out switch or clicker switch. No tutorials, no vhs, no dj academy or dj schools!

Must be thankful for all influence and bombarded information we receive now!

In my early 90’s dj battles that I competed in. I had to make drastic changes from the clicker to the fader.

When I first started scratching I started left handed on the clicks and right handed on the record (righty) but now I had to learn the opposite direction in understanding how to use the fader.

This was the hardest transition I had ever made. Took forever for me to understand it’s like starting something new all over again.

My only regret was. I should’ve just became a hamster (crossfader is switched). But this was before I knew what a hamster was?!

Maybe I could’ve followed Qbert’s style more by being hamster but being righty regular isn’t so bad. At least I can try to follow D-Stylez who has influenced me greatly.

Many days and nights of practice in getting the hang of the fader.

The clicker was a hard habit to break. I was so used to the sharpness and shortness of the switch.

The things I didn’t miss about the clicker was the pain of swollen fingers and the permanent indent in my thumb.

In respect to the Joe Cooley scratch. I kept this scratch incorporated with my cutting for

a very long time.

And over the time I feel this scratch is still without a doubt underrated to the newer generation of turntablist.

“I wanna make you sweat and make wet just to see how funky you can get!”

I guess what beginners lack and don’t get about this scratch is how to swing their patterns to make it dope.

Robotic repetition or drills are not enough and not at all where it’s at!

Yes! It helps during practice! But the Joe Cooley skratch I feel is different because it needs the funk and you got to make it breathe.

I want Djs to understand that the basic fundamentals of scratching is so essential and shouldn’t be overlooked!

Like I say. “How can you do orbits and flares if you don’t know your core baby scratches or chirps?!”

So busy on doing technical and no focus on easy to follow simple and basic.

Compare it to dancing without using your hips. I know I don’t know everything but similar to martial arts.

“How can one be masterful if you’re just trying to make it to the end lesson without doing the lessons before?!”

In conclusion I’m glad to share my history about the Joe Cooley scratch and how this scratch is totally underrated and needs to be addressed!

The Joe Cooley Skratch is one of the basic scratches that every dj should have.

Basic and simple is the best! Clean and precise is the key.

Can’t be the dragon warrior if you don’t start from the beginning!

This scratch pattern is all about hand control and it happens on the open fader or switch.

If you think you can’t get this scratch and you think it’s hard…well?

Then sorry too bad you will never get it! Straight up honest truth!

Maybe the next life you will? Who knows?

Always start simple and easy. Be patient and take your time! That’s with any scratch you want to perfect but I can’t stress enough about fundamentals.

I just thought of this right now! What I’m trying to educate and teach everyone is.

“Don’t be a recycled dj!” Meaning you only practice on technical and advance scratches that everyone is doing today and throw out all the basics.

Like I said in going back to knowing your basics! Beginners need the fundamentals!

Knowing it doesn’t kill you or make you worst?!

Comprehension of the basics actually makes it much easier to master the technical and harder scratch patterns.

Like reading and writing. You need to know your letters first.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

I never won DMC! I have no titles “I just love to scratch!” I also love others that do the same.

Got to be humble because you never know? There’s always somebody better than you!

Be the best and make it great! Keep going!

An experience I had in not quitting that occurred in my life was when I first met Boogaloo Shrimp aka Turbo from “breakin” bout 20yrs ago.

I asked him “You still dancing?!” He yelled to me and said! “Its my life!” Then he went down to the floor and started doing the scorpion!

It was one of those moments in my life when I realized whatever you do and what you’re passionate about? You got to keep on doing it!

Don’t give up! I remember asking Dj Babu when I first met him. “What do you think about Djs that just want to quit? He says “Maybe they weren’t in it to begin with.”

I hope tales of my experience has helped others to be better at whatever they want to accomplish.

Please comment and subscribe Thanks everyone I can’t do it without you! Make it enjoyable and fun! Make it great!

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