March 2019 Skratch Lounge

Skratch Lounge March 2019

Once again another cold and dark night in Seattle. I’m getting tired of this damp cold weather!

Lucky that it didn’t freakin snow! It’s my bowling night with the guys and we get to cypher again!

Wiki wiki time. I didn’t practice this whole week. If you been scratching for a long time like me you want to rest it awhile and actually just think about the scratching in your head and what you’re going to do.

You want to rest because so you don’t bust your hands! Arthritis, carpal tunnel all that stuff hurts!

My birthday is just around the corner and I’m not getting any younger.

So honestly I do not scratch practice every day. When I do practice I’m thinking about some other pattern or even try to be creative but not on it for more that 8 hrs that’s too much work!

I want to get paid for the hours of practice. But if you feel you need to practice every day I highly suggest it because you still need to practice every day if your passionate about something you love.

Many of the guys I understand need practice if you want to be good!

Having problems with timing it’s better to practice mixing then trying to get yo cuts down.

I really like Dj JFlex’s approach to practice! He even picked up playing piano! Growing up taking hated piano lessons help me a greatly!

Without recitals from piano lessons I wouldn’t have a stage presence. Anything musically inclined helps you in djing, mixing and scratching.

Self- motivation seminars, self-improvement lessons, how to get rich books?!

Anything and everything that motivates and improves you! Self meditation, learning to keep still.

Breathe air to find who you are and knowing your purpose.  I know I don’t know everything but there are things I know that help.

Everyone has their own path and struggles they need to overcome!

This is why I’m so thankful and grateful for this time that we can come together as a community for the same reason!

To have fun! Get down! Get lose! Be appreciated and appreciate others! It’s not about who’s is better than who! Skratching Lounge has many beginners who come in all the time that want to learn and gain experience.

Like I say “don’t think you are all that! Because there is always someone better than you!”

Maybe one day that beginner you thought sucked will become an expert overnight! “Who knows?! Anything is possible!”

There are so many djs I’ve seen come up big! I even remembered when they first started! It’s a humbling feeling to see! I just wish them the best of luck!

Hopefully the scene might change and the dj will run the show again?! Not playing all that new brainwashing music?!

I understand that not everyone plays as a team! But since we play together I love how we share the ball! Which is good for everyone!

Once again I can thank everyone enough for this life I love!

Thanks, Skratch Lounge! Please if read this article please let me know if I left anything out? Or if you have your own views and ideas please share! Like and subscribe! Make it great!  Please click below to check out footage!  ⬇️

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