The history of portablism for me was NAMM 2016. This was a dream come true! The whole story for me happened when I was living in Las Vegas and ran into Yoga Frog at the Venetian Casino Hotel 2006 or 07?! He talked about the video game Dj Hero that was about to come out! 9 years later I run into Yoga at NAMM. What a cool dude as always! I asked him were the battle was going to be? He told me it was at the Mixware booth. Yoga is really mellow guy. We both walked down and had a pleasant conversation about different gear. Mixware was great I got to test out (Numark PT-01 USB/Raiden MK1 portable fader) the first ever portablist dj battle. Yoga told me “This is were you’ll see all the up comings scratch djs bro!” Voice in my head “So wish I could be one of them!”

The unveiling and introduction to the Raiden MK1 was embarrassing because again I am a right-hand scratcher on a left-handed setup and most of the scratchers were lefties so my 1st experience with Raiden was sad and poor! After the battle the MC ask if there were any people in the crowd who wanted to test it out! I jumped on the opportunity only to be disappointed why my clicks are not clicking?! It wasn’t a left hand fader! Only during after my order of the Raiden did I finally figured out that they sold different sided faders which in my opinion this sucks! So pumped after the battle I wanted a PT-01 immediately! But after 3 long months later I finally got it!

Also, the waiting period at the time took too long! 2 months on the Numark order shipped from New Jersey Sam Ash to Las Vegas then another 2 months for the Raiden MK1?! Then here goes the topping on the cake. Now I had to order a scratch record and the only one I could get at the time was a baby scratchy seal. The order of the seal record from thud rumble the first order I received was a 12 inch! Could you imagine the disappointment on my face when I got the mail?! When I specifically ordered a 7-inch baby seal?! I had to wait again another 2 months for the baby seal to be delivered. Then I was sent another 12inch for my 2nd order! Great huh! The 3rd time was a charm tho because I could finally test it out! This was my 1st introduction to portablism it was challenging but I wanted to make it work!

Since then the last 2 years the portablist world has just exploded! Thousands of YouTube reviews and comments and up grades its so amazing to be such a part of this movement! 7inch records are flying off the selves now! Time moves so fast so now I feel behind again. Always new stuff and gadgets!

Who are Portablist?

We are scratchers! Turntablist DJs’ who love to mix and scratch! Bedroom DJs’ who cut after school. Used to be school band musicians and now turned into turntablist. We will cut it up on the one’s and two’s on the daily. I feel many of us are old school guys going thru our middle age crisis and you know what? Its true!

The world of portablism makes me feel like a kid again! Not to long ago scratch buddies hooked up and gathered at the each others house watching ITF/DMC vhs scratch videos and have private cypher scratch sessions afterwards.

Now you can meet up anywhere and anytime! Portablist can start at the age of birth. Doesn’t matter how old you are to start! Shots out to DJ Rena DMC’s youngest turntablist champion! I’m not saying you have to be a DMC champion to be portablist. You have to respect Scratching and the djing art it does take practice.

What reactions do you get when you bust out your portable in public? For me I notice people are curious! I took my portable to the basketball court and this kid said to me “Is that a CD player?!” I laughed and said you mean “record player!” I even got people looking at me say “Oooh he brought out his computer!” Most times I think people don’t notice?! But in many cases I get people thinking it’s kewl and how are you doing that! Please let me know what reactions people comment when you scratch in public. I love to know thanks! Now go out and be a portablist and support portablism today! Please send me you email and comments below make it great!


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