Skratch Lounge 9th Anniversary 4/11/19

April 11, 2019 Skratch Lounge 9th Anniversary Turntablist Skratch Battle


DJ FastTrack vs Dj Lou Rawk

DJ Supagi vs DJ Harsh

DJ Ambidecktriks vs Mr. Shigura

DJ Estyles vs DJ Justin Joints

Another rainy night in Seattle with and an epic Skratch Lounge 9th Anniversary DJ Skratch Battle Competition! I love the competition because losing is half the battle! Yo Joe!

I just came back from a long spring break road trip coming from Las Vegas and San Diego!

So I was so excited to come back to cypher with the crew and skratch!

Now back at home in Seattle! Just in time to attend and support the Skratch Lounge DJ Battle.

Big Ups and thanks to Sunny and Glen our hosts and all those who supported and showed up!

And for those that lose and faced the agony of defeat remember losing can only make you better!

Running into Nimrod aka DJ Smerk brought back memories of djing and skratching before there were any skippless records!

Back in the day we used movie soundtracks, records with sound effects or kids records anything that had vocals on it just to use for scratching.

Smerk and I talked about how we started skratching with the line switch/clicker. To me he is also one of the frontier djs that help turntablism in Seattle.

Ahh and fresh is the standard for practice and competition which gets annoying! Will have to wait til they evolve and hopefully they’ll get it?!

It’s like…. Can’t anyone drum?! Or use of long tone or horn? Maybe juggle?! I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt?!

There are other ways to incorporate skratching into music. Not just normal practice drills!

Oh well? Maybe hopefully some day egos will go away and be able to move on a higher level.

20 years of ahh and fresh is getting ridiculous. I’m sure it isn’t bad for beginners to quit just to get the concept down.

But when will it get funky?! Maybe I’m expecting too much “What do I know?!”

I don’t want Fab Five Freddie to haunt me forever!

I know I just came back from break so I’m a bit mixed with happiness and depression.

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last blog. Having to critique and praise others and also trying to uplift myself.

Remember I’m not in my 20’s anymore! But being old is also a blessing!

Jeff Higashi aka DJ Soul One has recently died in conclusion I’m saddened he is gone but also blessed and relieved that other older djs and myself are lucky to still be around to help support.

Helping our community with close family and friends here in rainy Seattle.

Down below this page I will be posting a video as I have done with many other pages here in my website. So please enjoy the battle! Please leave questions like and comments if not maybe this positively not for you.

Tell me then how should I improve this site and what positive influence have I given?

My goal is helping people and community thru music and djing so if I misrepresent anyone please let me know.

Big shouts outs to DJ Ambidecktriks from Chicago taking the win!  Good Job!

God bless and keep battling!  Walking the warrior path is never easy!  Once again sorry I’ve been MIA and without you I couldn’t do it, so many thanks and make it great!


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