SL 11/01/18

  1. Skratch Lounge



Its no surprise that every 1st Thursday of the month at Skratch Lounge  Seattle’s  turntablist come out to cypher.

As you have seen on my site I have a couple of SL videos on here.  I know I’ve missed the last  2 month but I make it.

The main reason I love coming out and supporting SL is because whatever level you are at in scratching you are welcome here.

We respect all djs who come and do not discriminate or criticize.  It’s a great advantage for beginners to come but you must be 21 or over since Seattle’s Trinity Nightclub has a bar.

As I say whatever level of turntablism you are at its a great thing!  Because you are influenced by some of the best to mention like Beat Molester, Brian and myself who are veterans cutters.

I always call it my bowling night with the guys.  Because its a way to get out of the house since my kids drive me crazy sometimes.

It is a definite must that djs should bring there own equipment for the session.  For obvious reasons you should bring your own setup for the fact that no ones liable for stuff that gets broken.

Plus you scratch better with your own set up anyway.  Last night was awesome and I give it up to Dilemma for rockin the beats!  The turn out was pretty good but normally during the summer it’s better since most of the people have time off.

The night with the guys was great again!  I can’t complain!  Another one in the books!  Once again to all those new to my site please leave any likes or comments you are greatly appreciated!



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