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Starting from left to right Dj Supreme, Lord Finesse, Dj Swami, Dj Tecumseh & Jake One

Sounds of Dj Supreme and Lord Finesse

Last night was epic!  To the point where it’s seems I’ve been gone too long from the Seattle scene that I’ve forgotten and missed what “feel good music is?!”

Dj Supreme is the pinical of the purest form of dope hip hop.  With countless awards under this man’s belt he has influenced and paved the way for Djs in our era to evolve and excel as better people.

We are happy to have Dj Supreme around to lace us up with original funk and hip hop.  Please excuse me…  My ghetto self is coming out now, because for many that don’t know!

Seattle has the best hip hop and “Y’all fools be trippin!  Cuz Seattle be slept on!”  It’s like sleepless in Seattle’s motto has cursed us.

I admit back in the day I used to laugh bout Supreme in Sir Mixalots video “Posse on Broadway”.  That quote “Getting dirty looks from those other sucka crews.”

Me and Dj Supreme!

And the video shows a younger Supreme muggin with a look on his face.  But after watching Supreme’s performance last night it was like wine tasting.

The older the wine the better it tastes!  Last time I’d seen Supreme perform was when everyone was rocking vinyl during the time.

The lord only knows how much vinyl and 45’s he has collected before then, until now.  Which I conclude this makes Supreme one of the  Kings.  Many of us appreciate and love all that he has done for our community.

Several made 45’s have different unheard of versions on them so to have collected them is rare.  45’s if you also haven’t notice.   The sound is fuller, more volume decibels and vibrant.

In some joints, less than a hundred copies were made?!  Modern day Dj’s as Pirates of the Pacific Ocean are in search of these treasures.

During the performance last night if I were to grace note last night many songs and tracks that was played.

Grace note would probably not register for the simple fact that downloads probably came from rare records.

“So you couldn’t  find songs like that on damn iTunes or Spotify or what have you!  Gems I tell you!  Gems?!”

Lord Finesse performance also proved he is one of those Kings DITC/NYC.  Crate diggers who’s fine  collection has blessed us that night with good music and some turntablism which I didn’t know he had.

“He absolutely gets his cuts in yo.”  I was impressed on how clean his stabs and juggling was and wish I got to sit down for a better personal interview with him but last night was so cold it was difficult.

My first impression of Lord Finesse is.  I got he is good people and a very nice person.   Initially he rolled in with Jake One!

“Once again for y’all young fools that don’t know?  Jake One is one of Seattle’s best music producers and has been holding it down for years now.”

I also wished there were b-boys that attended which would have made their hard work complete but understanding it was a Sunday night and others have day jobs and got to work in the morning.

Well?!  Too bad for you!  You missed out!  Haha!  Once again!  Another one in the books!  I mean?!

If you had the chance to see Lord Finesse play his crate would you go?!  It was free?!  I honestly say I appreciated the good music and  I came out blessed!

My only complaint was I still wanted to hear the music from the original vinyl.  I know?!  I can’t have it all!  Serato and iTunes helps portability but lacks quality analog sound that has been missed over the years.

Once again this is another one in the books!  I had a beautiful and vibrant day of living the hip hop life and culture!

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True Group of Vinylist

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