Transform Scratch

Transform Skratch

Once again it’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Seattle with fresh air and today I have an exciting video on how to Transform.

If you ever watched transformers you know the sound of how they transform.  So attempt to make the same sound using turntables and a record!

With the SuperSeal record using the ahh or fresh sample I will be going through the process and demonstrate how to transform.

Growing up having influences from Dj Aladdin, Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money the transform scratch has never really left me.

So hopefully here you will discover that old scratches forgotten are just as cool or even better than the new boomerangs or crescent flares which can be too advanced.

Having your record cued to the first part of the sample lightly let the record go sounding out the ahh with the fader in the open position.

Next bring back the record in the same motion but now adding 3 or 4 clicks.  Causing the sound to cut in and out on the reverse motion sound of the ahh.  Then repeat the process again.

As shown in the video you can add 2 click on the initial forward movement during the sample making a 5 note transform skratch.

Think more of as a drummer or percussionist when practicing to get your timing and rhythm down.

Dont worry if it sounds sloppy to you.  I even got sloppy at the end as the beat got faster.  Practice and you will always progress.

I really wanted to address this scratch because I feel this scratch is under rated and out dated.    Almost to the point of what is a 3click flare compared to a transform which is debatable I guess?!

Difference to me is hand movements.  To me control of the record hand is the main focus of scratching.  But in this case transforming is mostly concentrated with the movement of the fader hand and how many clicks applied.

Last scratch session with Dj Shortkut several years ago at hotel in Las Vegas.  Don’t ask me the details but I remember recording Shortkut skratching and he demonstrated a slow reverse transform that got me tripping out!

It was a shock because it was something never used?  It was also funny because I remember him telling me not to tell anyone or show anyone the move.  Well until now after a decade or so?!

Hopefully with this video I explain how to transform skratch and a little history of this skratch and how easy it can be!  Once again if you like my video please comment below for it greatly helps the family and community!

Keep on practicing and have a great day!  Make it great!  Make it great!

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