Unpackaging of Crop Circles!

Starting the holidays by ordering the new “Crop Circles” 7” vinyl skipless record from Thudrumble.  I had encountered problems in the past ordering from Thudrumble but this time shipping was pretty smooth and timely.   The unveiling of the record I did with my son. I ordered a mystery pack.   Which came with 3 7” records two DVDs to slip mats two stickers.  The crop circles final was a thick unbendable record like a 78.  First glance I was not impressed because the vinyl had food or something on it?!  It’s wasn’t shrinked wrapped and it had marks on it that still had smudges around the cut circles probably from the laser cutting tool they where using?  It was like the reject of the lot but i guess I can accept it for what it is.  There was fingerprints on some of the grooves.  Other than that I was still able to skratch as best as I could normally and with ease and the use of the laser cut holes I get a different sound when creating two click flares!

Crop Circles

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